Confess, Why?

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The word, confess, brings so much to my mind.  Mostly negative thoughts.  Mostly linked to the notion of confessing ones sins to the church which, in my mind is the Catholic Church.

Now, I must state that this is just what comes to my mind when I see or hear that word.  I am not a Catholic.  I have never been in a confessional booth too confess.

If someone was to tell me there is a need for me to confess then I believe my reaction would be to roll my eyes and say, ‘Why?  What is it that you know that I do not?  Is there something you feel you need to confess?’  I might walk way!


Now when you look at the word in a dictionary it does open up the word…. a little;

‘to admit that you have done something wrong or something that you feel guiltyor bad about’

For the first time, I’m now thinking about this word and if I have or have had a relationship with it.

There are things I have felt bad about.  There are things I have done wrong.  This would be the same for all people.  If everyone were to confess everything they feel bad about or had done wrong, would this help them?  Would it help those who are receiving the confession? Is it selfish not to confess?

I have confessed in the past.

I have confessed to loved ones that I feel I may have hurt.

I have confessed when I’ve done something, even if minor, that I feel bad about.

The key for me is the use of the word I.  I’ve confessed when I feel guilty or when I feel bad.  Why would I do this when I risk hurting others or hurting myself or how others see me?

Is it Conscience?  Is it Heart?  Is it Spirit?  Is it the Spirit that lives within me?

Is it love?  I think so.

So, thinking a little further on the word of the day, I do in-fact choose to confess.

However, I do not do it because I’m told too or because others say I need too to find inner peace or enlightenment.  I do not do it to fit into a select group.

I confess for others to know the real meI confess to remain openI confess to build relationshipI confess to learn.

I confess because I love and because I know, I am loved.

Come, follow me and walk with me in the garden.

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