#4 Will The Wheel Finally Come Off?

My wife to be and I landed in Delhi, walked through a crowded and unremarkable arrivals.  We picked up our backpacks and hauled them onto our backs.  Then bent down and picked up our front packs but... avoided putting them on our fronts… not a cool look (that wouldn’t last!). We walked out of the building and onto a busy pickup area.  There were so many people rushing around and they all had one thing in common – they all seemed to know exactly where they were going.  I think that it was at this point that it hit me – I should have read all the guide books I had purchased. 

#3 Take Off..?

We’d packed in our jobs and all our worldly possessions, gathered over the last 30 years were packed in boxes, parent’s lofts, grandparent’s garages, aunt and uncles farms and storage facilities.   I was relaxed and excited.  I’d even cooked a roast dinner for my partner’s family and us. Sitting in their lounge with back and …

#2 Horizon

  The desire to expand my horizons has always been there.  I this innate in me or partly due to growing up in a small English town.  One thing is for certain, experiences whilst growing up fuelled this desire and not just the calling of genetics or soul. In part, this desire was formed by …

#1 First Post & Introduction

Sat in a coffee shop, "Organically" with my sparkling water in a elegant glass bottle and a flat white with a fern leaf decorating the top and rich, dark coffee escaping around the edges.  Aviators on the table, Sennheiser's channeling Loyle Carner from the iPhone.