#3 Take Off..?

We’d packed in our jobs and all our worldly possessions, gathered over the last 30 years were packed in boxes, parent’s lofts, grandparent’s garages, aunt and uncles farms and storage facilities.   I was relaxed and excited.  I’d even cooked a roast dinner for my partner’s family and us.

Backpack Clip

Sitting in their lounge with back and front packs waiting in the hall, one year of travel around the world lay before us.  Passports, visas and boarding passes to hand and expectant, excited smiles on our faces.

I had a nagging feeling though.  I couldn’t shake it.  Each time I dismissed it as nerves it would subtly come back.  One last check of the passports.  One last check of the boarding passes and then…



Why does the ticket say AM…?  Double checking my watch/ my phone…. It’s definitely PM now…  We had missed our very first flight!  The flight that would take us from London to Delhi.  The flight that would be the start of 365 days of exploration;


UK – India – Hong Kong (HK) – Philippines and our wedding – HK – China – HK – Thailand.


From there we’d planned to go through Laos – Cambodia – Vietnam – Malaysia – New Zealand – Brazil – Bolivia – Uruguay – the United States – Home

What followed was a panicked phone call to the airline.  Panic that our tickets would be cancelled and our trip ended before it had even begun.  Then, relief as our ticket was transferred to the same flight but on the following day.  Sadness that our first flight on an A380 would be bumped to a 747 but still, massive relief.

However, this was shortly followed by embarrassment.  Embarrassment caused by having to update my family` on the reason I was calling at all, ‘shouldn’t I be on a plane?’.  Updating them on our ‘progress’ and the fact that our trip had been shortened from 365 days to 364!

Another night spent in London.

Then, the next day arrived in all its glory.  An early trip to the airport.  A bottle of Prosecco consumed in the departures area and a call to the gate.

Sat on the plane, not in business or first class, that attempt had failed, but still deliciously happy and more celebratory drinks on order.

We’d made it!

India, here we come.


No, really…  Here. We. Come!

Come, follow me and walk with me in the garden.

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