#1 First Post & Introduction

Sat in a coffee shop, “Organically” with my sparkling water in a elegant glass bottle and a flat white with a fern leaf decorating the top and rich, dark coffee escaping around the edges.  Aviators on the table, Sennheiser’s channelling Loyle Carner from the iPhone.

Never having read a blog, never having written a blog but thinking it may be something I would enjoy, it might even have a positive therapeutic value.  What can I write about?  Can people read the words, appreciate their choice and meaning whilst ignoring the dyslexia of the writer (had to Google the correct spelling of dyslexia (someone was having a laugh when they came up with that name))?

Life.  Love.  Experience.  Hardship.  Blessings.  Spirit.  Purpose.  Regret.  Anxiety.  Fulfilment.  Work.  Money.  Photography.  Beauty.  Walking with Him.  Sadness.  Happiness…?

Life: I have lived life rich & full.  Love: My life is covered in love – always has been.  Experience: I’ve had some – here and there.  Hardship:yes but how can you compare to others in this world that do know hardship in their life.  Blessings:  I’m blessed – no two ways about it.  Spirit: Fulfilled? Potential met?  At piece?  Purpose:  What is my purpose in life?  What is our purpose?  Regret:  No.  I have none.  Anxiety: hmm.  I do not like it. Fulfilment: Is this hard to reach?  When you know what is happening in the world…  When you see life unfold for not just yourself but others…  Work:  We are designed to work but do we work as we find it or search for more?  Money:important at the same time as unimportant.  Photography:  Love it.  Beauty. There is so much beauty in the world.  Walking with Him: Essential but there are so many distractions in life.  Sadness: I have sadness in my heart but I think it is unavoidable and can be there for other purposes than to pull you down.  Happiness: We all deserve this.  What is there without the chance of this?

So, this is it.  Coffee is almost gone.  It was delicious.  Sparkling water is coming with me, bottle to be re-used.  Really enjoyed the album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ although I’ve not listened to the words and so can’t yet recommend.

I hope I’ve not bored you.  This just the ramblings of a ‘blogger’ with no experience or clear focus/ plan.  Any feedback on the direction I should take would be appreciated.  I think I will discuss my world travels; the countries we’ve visited and the people we’ve met.  I may cover certain life events which drastically altered the course we were on.  I will put up some of my photography and writing.  I may just cover what is flowing through my mind at the time.

Let us see.

If you’d like to read more then please do follow my blog.  If you’d like to leave a comment, opinion or feedback  or just say high then it would be wonderful to hear from you.  The comment box is just below 

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